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Cheese that tastes like the Earth.

While at the Cheeseboard last Friday, one of the three cheeses I picked up was Sottocenere al tartufo. I hadn’t specifically planned on getting that cheese, but had asked the cheesemonger to suggest a; “raw cow-milk cheese which tastes Earthy.” She was obviously up for the challenge, because she suggested this excellent Italian cheese, laden with truffles and its rind covered by a layer of ash.  Talk about food of the Gods; I’m certain this would have been Hephaestus’ favorite cheese. There’s no “kick” to this cheese; it is smooth and creamy, and yet “earthy” is the absolute best way to describe it. Its taste is a deep, soul satisfying contentment. If there was an adult version of eating dirt, this is it, and I mean that in the most gourmet of ways… in case I haven’t made myself clear; you should try this cheese!

Besides enjoying a large piece just on its own, I surprised Kathy with this wonderful cheese by packing our work-day lunches with thick-cut smoked bacon and cheese sandwiches. The semi-soft/semi-hard (I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle) creamy texture of the cheese was a perfect pairing for the crispy, salty nature of the bacon. THIS is how you make an ordinary sandwich extraordinary; use quality cheese.

You’ve covered TWO of the three cheeses you said you bought, Bryce, What about the third?

That’s right, inner-cheese voice, there was the P’tit Basque, today’s posting about the Sottocenere al tartufo, but you’ll have to wait to read about the third. I will mention, however, that today I am going to a “Blogger Mixer” at the Bay Area’s CBS Channel 5 station (KPIX). Although I’d like to think that I do, and will, blog about cheese from the entire world, my perspective is rooted here in the Bay Area of California where I live and work. Brittney Gilbert, is a writer and blogger who has been blogging for nearly a decade, and now additionally works for KPIX in San Francisco on their website, artfully pulling together and commenting on blogs of the Bay Area. “Eye on Blogs” is her near-daily on-line feature,  which acts as a wonderful portal for blogs in the Bay Area. I find this to be an excellent service of KPIX since yes; local, national and international news is great (and necessary), but sometimes, to get to the heart of the news, you need to see what locals are thinking and writing about (even if it happens to be about cheese). I’m looking forward to meeting other local bloggers tonight, and I hope there’s cheese amongst the “light snacks”.