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While sitting on content… (Sunset Weekend)

Shadow Theatre for Cats You might wonder what’s happening when I haven’t had the chance to post for awhile… “Is he in a coma from eating too much cheese? … Did he fall into the Canyon of Cheese? … Has he run out of ideas or things to talk about?”Although the first of these mused questions might be the closest to the truth, the actual truth is perhaps less interesting. Due to the economy I was laid off several weeks ago from my IT job, and have been Aarron Trotter and the Incident at Bikini Beach frantically looking for new work. On the plus side, I no longer have to commute from Oakland, CA to Atherton on a daily basis. There’s been plenty to keep me busy besides looking for work; the theatre company I helped found has its latest play “Aaron Trotter and the Incident at Bikini Beach” opening on July 31st (click on the press photo for more information/link), so there’s much to do for that… and to keep myself sane (insane?) I might do something like create a Shadow Would you like some cheese? Puppet Theatre for our cat Nikita’s entertainment (click on photo for a different view). Although she found it engaging, she did not take much action against the bird shadows I provided. Her reflective mode leads me to believe that she was questioning reality, perhaps much like the Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

OK, OK, we’ve had enough, Bryce! Where’s the cheese?!?

Flowers Oh, sorry “Inner-Cheese Voice”, got carried away, as usual, and as the title of this post mentions, I’ve been sitting on a lot of content that I haven’t been writing about. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about the event I volunteered at for the California Artisan Cheese Guild; Sunset Magazine’s “Celebration Weekend”.

Crowds waiting to talk about cheese Just as with last year’s, 2009’s visitors were rewarded with excellent weather for their participation, and, like last year, the Guild’s cheeses and information were a huge hit.

With so much to do at the event from booths of tourism boards, to vendors, to chef demonstrations and live music, you’d think that it’d be hard to choose what all to try, do and see. The great many visitors, however, who lined up to taste some of the best artisan cheeses in California were no dunces; it was worth the wait.

The style in which people sample cheeses often speaks volumes about how acquainted they are with quality cheese. Cheese Guild with Line I’m the last to suggest that you should be a cheese snob when trying cheese, but I do appreciate it when people are surprised by what they are tasting (instead of the; “Oh; free cheese! I’ll shovel down as many samples as they’ll give me!”- method of tasting…).  With cheese there is such an amazing variety of possibilities of taste and texture, that Shammrock (and Harley Farms) taking a moment to understand how a cheese affects your tongue, your taste buds, and your overall enjoyment of life, can be very rewarding. It’s true that NOT every cheese is going to be a cheese that you enjoy, but life is too short not to take a moment and enjoy the bounty of what is offered, particularly when such time and care has been lovingly Sheena Davis applied to cheeses such as those we were offering from the California Artisan Cheese Guild.

One of the cheeses which I was able to give samples of out to people was Point Reyes Farmstead Blue. Since for many blue cheeses are very strong (particularly after trying more mild tasting cheeses which were being offered: fresh goat milk cheese from Harley Farms, Shamrock’s Artisan Goat Cheeses,  Sheena Davis’ Delice de La Vallee and Sadie Kendell’s Crème Fraîche) the reactions were all over the Point Reyes Blue map. I love how people’s tastes for cheese are just as individual as there are cheeses.

Plenty more content to get to work on, so meanwhile, enjoy the pictures (all taken by Kathy. Clickon any picture for a pop-up window with the full-res version)!

Hawaiian Band Agave Chef Demos

Ride into the Sunset (of Artisan Cheese!)

Whether you happen to subscribe  to Sunset Magazine or not, if you live anywhere near their offices in Menlo Park, CA (roughly about 40 minute’s drive south, and a little east, of San Francisco), I can’t recommend their “Celebration Weekend” more highly. It is happening THIS weekend (Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of June, 2009 from 10am to 5pm both days). Yeah, it costs something to get in, specifically $15 for adults, but as Kathy said of last year’s; “I got so much free stuff; magazines, cookbooks, chef demonstrations, products, etc. that it was definitely worth more than the $15!”   …but one of the best reasons to attend? Cheese of course! Cheesemakers and members of the California Artisan Cheese Guild, will be in attendance again this year sampling some of the best that California has to offer. Yep, that includes me (Sunday morning), helping out in any way that I can. Meanwhile, Kathy’s already looking at the schedule to see which booths, demonstrations and entertainment we shouldn’t miss.

Here’s Sunset’s information about this year’s (2009) event: CLICK HERE
…and here is my write-up of what it was like last year when it was new to me: CLICK HERE

Also this weekend, Kathy and I will be fortunate to meet another cheese blogger; from down under. Susan, the blogger behind Something to Nibble On and a friend of hers will be taking a short whirlwind visit of San Francisco, and we’ve all agreed to meet up. Cheese bloggers of the world unite! 

…more on this, and the Sunset Weekend after they have happened; meanwhile let me know what cheeses you, dear reader, have been enjoying. Me, I’ve been eating cheese, but doing a lot of IT (Information Technology) job searching lately (let me know if you know of anything!). Hope to see everyone enjoying cheese in Menlo Park this weekend.