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What; cheese got your head in the clouds?

Truth is, yes, yes it has. Was spending the majority or my time looking for work (found some! I’m now working in Martinez, CA), and my new work has been fantastic so far…

Plus Kathy and I have been working on the Thunderbird’s latest play behind the scenes (I’ll attach a short video clip from that below…), which closes Aug. 15th, 2009

Finally catching up with e-mail, and FaceBook and such, I have Dawn to thank for this wonderful BBC article (click on the title, and then scroll down once it opens in a new page): “Capsule of cheese ‘lost in space’”

I’m soon to get my mind back on writing about cheese, so meanwhile, enjoy this link from the Thunderbird’s production of “Aaron Trotter and the Incident at Bikini Beach”,featuring singer/songwriter Megan Slankard doing a cover for the benefit of humor: