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1) FAQs and “About” Canyon of Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Why cheese? Up until the time I was 7 years old, I was like most kids in the United States; occasionally eating Kraft Singles, Velveeta, cheese pizza, and perhaps an Swiss Brunchoccasional slice of domestically produced (and aged for ½ hour) “Swiss” cheese from the local super market. However, I was fortunate to visit relatives in Switzerland with my family and experience how much of Europe eats breakfast; a variety of cheeses, thinly sliced meats, fresh butter, jam, Nutella, and multiple types of breads. This was quite a departure from the low-fat milk and Cheerios I was used to having for breakfast, and due to the cheese, I was hooked. Furthermore, we toured one of the larger production sites of Emmentaler cheese, and there I learned for the first time how cheese was made…  


Why a blog? It may be a human trait to be obsessed with things; think about yourself, are there things that you think of often, or collect?  Perhaps you are into motorcycles, your Hummel figurine collection, or you obsess about how to re-route the Columbia River for personal gain… As for me there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about cheese. It is my hope that at least some of what I have to muse about here concerning cheese will be interesting, informative or at least somehow entertaining to you. Yes, YOU dear visitor.


What’s the goal? What’s the point of it all? There are a great number of excellent web pages about cheese on the Internet (look to my links/reference page for some of them), but I’d like to provide a personal approach. Whether you are a novice to the world of cheese, a consumer, or an expert cheesemaker/cheesemonger, I hope to provide musings, reviews and a general running commentary about cheese for you to enjoy. I’d also like to hear from you; what do you have to say about what is written here, or about cheese? Do you have cheese and/or cheese related products I should know about? Review? Let me know.


Why ”Canyon of Cheese”? My name is Bryce. There is a wonderful national park in southern Utah named Bryce Canyon.Considering how much cheese I enjoy, the blog name made sense.


Bryce Thinking of Cheese

So, you eat a lot of cheese? I’d say that I consume a lot more cheese than the typical American, but rare as they are, there are days in which I might not have any cheese. If I ate cheese as often as I thought about cheese, I wouldn’t be able to fit though the door. However, I try to eat a balanced diet; lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise regularly and thus far have remained tall and thin.


Are there cheeses you hate or don’t eat? Although I rarely shun an offer of cheese (if at a hamburger barbeque the only cheese being offered is a Kraft Single, then yeah; slap that on there, since some kind of cheese-like product is always better than none), I like anyone have my favorites and ones I don’t care for as much.


What is your favorite cheese? With so many to enjoy, do I really need to make a choice?


Cheese DunceAre you some kind of imbalanced nut who runs around with one of those foam cheese hats on spouting cheese gospel? Nah; just like my diet, I’d like to think I’m fairly well-balanced. I’m married, live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, have a regular day job based in Information Technology, am a co-founder of a 10-year old independent theatre company which I’m very involved with, enjoy dADaiSm, enjoy travel, am college educated, and speak German fluently.


What if I want to ask something not answered here? Write to me. If it seems like a good FAQ, I’ll try to get it posted here. Thanks!