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Cheese Links and Reference

Some of the Cheese Blogs I Enjoy Reading:

Blog of Cheese Monger for Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco, Gordon Edgar

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project
Tami Parr discusses anything and everything cheese related in the Pacific Northwest

The Dairy Princess Diaries
The “Diary Princess” of Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co. in Orland, CA reflects on her life on the farm and with cheese.

The Cheese Chronicles
Sarah Marcus, Cheesemaker and Cheesemonger writes of her and her husband’s “buying the farm” in Oregon (having left the Bay Area of California), where she is making her own cheese.

Cheese Underground
Jeanne Carpenter of Wisconsin discusses cheeses of Wisconsin. 

A few Cheese Reference Sites I Utilize:

Käse aus der Schweiz
[Cheese from Switzerland (in German)]

A basic, good site to look up information about cheese by name, country, milk-type, etc.
A good basic promotional site with information about French cheeses.

Cowgirl Creamery’s Library of Cheese
Exactly what it sounds like it is. Thoughtful descriptions of many of the cheeses that Cowgirl sells and/or distributes. 

Cheese Plus’ Updates and Events
Cheese Plus is a cheese store in San Francisco which nicely pulls together some of the cheesy events going on in the area. 


A Few Sites I Get Random Recipes From:

Recipes from both Gourmet and Bon Appétit Magazines. Finally,  I can throw my back-issues away!
The great democracy of the Internet; recipes both good and bad with an excellent search feature of; “ingredients I want/don’t want”.

Some other Cheese-Related Sites I Respect/Promote:

I’m a member; you should be too! 

The Cheese School of San Francisco

An incredible place where you can become an expert, or at the very least heighten your love of cheese. I first became aware of the Cheese School when the founder of the school (Sara Vivenzio), as well as Kathy and myself were featured on a “Fog File” by Peter Finch of KFOG radio in San Francisco. [Link to Fog File Here].

Some  Non-cheese, Non-food Sites I Enjoy:

Thunderbird Theatre Company
Original Comedic Stage Plays in San Francisco. I’m a co-founder and very much involved.

Eye on Blogs
A local (Bay Area, California) gathering of blogs on just about any topic you can think of (yes, food included). The editor, Brittney Gilbert, gives a near-daily digest with excerpts (and links) to keep you abreast of what Bay Area bloggers are blogging about.

Super Bad
Has nothing to do with the film of the same name. this site is a place to click through when you are bored at work.

dADa Online
A very good, basic site about Dadaism. Good place to escape to when your mind needs clearing.